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Sicom Systems Ltd. is one of just a few North American companies that provide advanced computer programming research and development solutions to industry and governments. Sicom's mix of services and system design, performance prediction and analysis tools are unique to aerospace and military industries.

An advanced engineering company, Sicom researches, designs and develops the innovation of radar, communication and biomedical systems. These systems are characterized by the presence of complex sensors used to transmit and receive signals, for the purpose of providing critical information about their environment.

In modern systems, the signals are digitized (converted to numbers) on reception. Sophisticated signal and data processing algorithms can be developed and optimized to best extract the desired information from these signals, while simultaneously rejecting unwanted interference. Sicom specializes in developing these advanced algorithms which provide the intelligence needed.

Sicom also develops custom, computer-based tools that accurately model existing and newly proposed systems with sufficient fidelity to enable reliable performance. These tools allow developers to test out and refine various configurations on a computer, without having to build a series of prototypes. This saves development programs substantial time and money, and reduces downstream risk.
Due to the highly technical nature of activities that Sicom performs, its greatest asset is its people. Sicom employs the highest caliber engineering scientists who are able to research the latest signal and data processing techniques and apply them to building advanced solutions.

Sicom Systems Ltd. is involved in all stages of development, from the concept phase to implementation, and provides services under contract. To remain focused in its niche area of interest, Sicom teams with larger system and manufacturing companies as a project approaches advanced development phases where significant hardware and systems integration is required.  Our customers include major corporations and governments in Canada, the United States, and off-shore.


Beginning in 1994, a group of talented engineers and scientists left defence giant Raytheon and joined Sicom Systems Ltd. a privately held North American company located in Fonthill, Ontario.  Sicom began the development of the Accipiter® line of radar surveillance products. The company secured contracts with government defence, transportation and law enforcement agencies, as well as multi-national corporations.  Accipiter Radar was created as a subsidiary of Sicom in 2006 with a mandate to become a global leader in wide-area situational awareness in the aviation safety and homeland security markets.