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 Frequency Hopping Signal
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Frequency Hopping Signal Intercept Processor

Frequency Hopping Image Sicom Systems Ltd. has developed a real-time, digital signal processor (SP) for use in Communications Electronic Support Measures (CESM) applications, where low probability of intercept (LPI) signals such as those from frequency hopping radios are intercepted by a wideband intercept receiver. The LPI-SP is a software-defined solution that has been designed with flexibility in mind; and will easily integrate into any wideband receiving system.

One configuration of the LPI-SP developed for integration into the Canadian Military Digital Analysis System (MiDAS) runs on a standard 1GHz Intel dual PentiumTM III computer; and was successfully tested in the field in June 2001 during the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) trials at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Real-time processing against frequency hopping signals in the military VHF band was achieved through proprietary algorithms combined with SIMD programming techniques.

 Frequency Hopping Signal Intercept Processor Product Sheet  (PDF - 536 KB)

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