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Frequency Hopping Signal Intercept Processors

Sicom's has developed a real-time, digital signal processor for use in Communications Electronic Support Measures (CESM) applications, where low probability of intercept (LPI) signals such as those from frequency hopping radios are intercepted by a wideband intercept receiver. The LPI-SP is a software-defined solution that has been designed with flexibility in mind and will easily integrate into any wideband receiving system. Patents are pending. Sicom is interested in licencing this intellectual property to suitable partners.


SAR-MTI Processors

Sicom has extensive experience in the development of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Moving Target Indicator (MTI) processing algorithms. Sicom has patented new techniques that represent significant innovations directed towards onboard real-time processing. Applications include space radar and airborne radar onboard processing. Sicom is interested in licensing this intellectual property to suitable partners.


Radar Design Tools

Sicom's world class performance prediction system and signal level design and analysis tool for Space-Based Radar (SBR) applications. Radar signal performance is accurately predicted by simulating the complete mission scenario from a global perspective. Originally developed for DND to evaluate SBR performance in theatre and wide area defence applications to detect slow moving ground targets such as tanks and jeeps, as well as airborne targets such as fighter aircraft and ICBMs.