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Biomedical Systems R&D

Sicom also works in the biomedical field and offers government and commercial clients advanced imaging system R&D services, including concept studies, feasibility studies, and prototype development to meet new or challenging requirements.

In offering biomedical systems R&D services, Sicom exploits its world-class scientific and engineering capabilities in radar and communications systems design. Many developments in the radar and communications fields may be translated and applied to the diagnostic imaging field. Indeed, the state-of-the art in ultrasonic imaging, for example, has followed developments in the radar field. In addition, similarities between military sensor systems, and medical imaging systems can be quite strong. For example, techniques used in active sonar systems (underwater acoustics) and medical ultrasonic imaging systems (for radiology, cardiology and peripheral vascular applications) can be quite similar.

Project Involvement
Sicom has supported its commercial and defense clients in the research and development of advanced acoustics technology, including sonar active and passive array technology, and medical ultrasound imaging technology. Sicomís ultrasound imaging technology research & development has resulted in several patents relating to 2D acoustic array transducers and affordable, front-end signal acquisition and real-time imaging for 3D ultrasound.