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Radar Systems R&D Services

Sicom's expert radar R&D team is available to support corporate and government clients in solving their most difficult radar R&D challenges. Sicom's capabilities and experience includes land, marine, airborne and space-based radar platforms employing the most advanced sensor architectures and algorithms against targets ranging from sea-skimming missiles to snowmobiles. Sicom also has expertise in multi-radar and multi-sensor fusion.

In performing R&D services, Sicom uses advanced tools such as its RadarSim® family of high-fidelity radar system design and performance prediction tools ("simulators") to perform fast and repeatable radar design analysis and performance estimation. Accurate design methodologies can increase the probability of meeting project acceptance test criteria while identifying acceptable trade-offs to control costs and meet project constraints such as size, weight and power consumption.

Sicom's radar R&D project services include:

  • Performing feasibility studies
  • Developing preliminary system specifications from performance requirements for proposal preparation
  • Developing detailed systems specifications from performance requirements for design and build
  • Algorithm development, refinement or optimization to achieve performance not currently possible
  • Teaming with large prime contractors on major radar development projects.

Project Involvement

Sicom has supported its defence clients in the development of advanced ground moving target indication (GMTI) algorithms and airborne moving target indication (AMTI) algorithms for use in airborne and space-based radars. These modes enable the radars to reliably detect ground targets such as jeeps and tanks, and airborne targets such as aircraft and ballistic missiles. This work is relevant to airborne radar systems such as the U.S. JSTARS and the Canadian CP-140 systems; and space-based radar systems such as Canada's Radarsat 2 and the U.S. space radar program.

Sicom has also supported its defence clients in the development of improved naval sensors including multi-function radar and multi-sensor fusion for anti-ship missile defence applications.