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Radar Systems R&D Services
Radar Systems R&D Services Sicom offers a unique set of radar algorithm and systems R&D services to government and industry clients. Applications include advanced space radar, airborne radar, naval radar and ground-based radar systems optimized for a variety of threats. Radar modes include standard noncoherent CFAR, MTI, GMTI, SAR, Spotlight SAR, ISAR, SAR-MTI, Pulse Doppler and CW.

Communication Systems R&D Services
Communication Systems R&D Services Sicomís communications systems R&D services are unique in the industry. Sicom specializes in developing advanced, communications receivers employing sophisticated, adaptive signal processing algorithms that exploit spatial and temporal signal diversity. Spatial diversity is a characteristic of receivers employing multiple receive antennas. Smart antenna receiver systems exploit adaptive algorithms to suppress unwanted interference and to accentuate desired signals. Wideband intercept receivers scan rapidly search large communication bands for low-probability of intercept (LPI) signals such as frequency hopping signals, and automatically detect and extract their underlying signals for subsequent signal exploitation.

Biomedical Systems R&D ServicesBiomedical Systems R&D Services
Sicom offers R&D services to commercial and defense customers in the areas of medical ultrasound imaging systems and underwater acoustics. Medical applications include 2D and 3D ultrasonic imaging technologies designed for improved affordability and accessibility.

Research Services
Sicom provides expert services in researching algorithms for advanced applications

Development Services
All development services from concept to follow-up support are provided by Sicomís experienced team.

Simulator Development
Sicom offers system design tools to assist with communications system development